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About The Party Carriage

Are you a parent that is sick of the same old party routine for your kids? Tired of the the same monotonous arcades, trampoline gyms, or craft studios?

Would you like to have a party at your house instead, but hate the thought of cleaning up after a gang or rambunctious kids?

The Party Carriage is your solution! We bring the party to you!


What is the Party Carriage?

The Party Carriage is a state-of-the-art 18-foot mobile trailer that contains games, activities, crafts, and loads of fun for kids. The Party Carriage will bring your child’s dream party right to your doorstep! We have multiple stations within our trailer that kids can rotate through, including: karaoke, crafts, a photo booth, dress-up, and a mini-dance floor. Many upgrades, including themes, are available. We constantly adding new activities, so keep checking back!

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How many kids are allowed in at once?

A Party Carriage party is limited to 16 kids. However, for safety reasons, we limit 8-kids inside the trailer at a time. The kids will rotate through the stations with the help of our Hostess. Kids who are not inside of the trailer will have activities outside of the trailer. All kids will have an activity and will be supervised at all times.

If you would like to book the Party Carriage for a larger group, please email us with the request. If we can accommodate the larger group, an extra hostess will be requires at an extra charge.

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Where are we located?

We are a mobile company based out of Troy, MI. We will service any customers within 25 miles of Troy, MI. If you are outside of our service area, and still really want to book us, you may email us to see if special considerations can be made. If we agree to service you outside of our geographic area, you will have to book two parties, as travelling outside of our radius will limit the number of parties we can hold in a day. contact us

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Can we drop the kids in the trailer and leave?

While we want to take burden of the party off your hands, we still require the host parent to be present to supervise. You are free to entertain guests in your home while the Party Carriage operates outside. However, the host parent is ultimately responsible for the kids and that the kids have access to a restroom.

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How much room is required for the trailer?

You must be able to fit an 18-foot trailer in your driveway or street. Although not necessary, we urge you to advise your neighbors that we are coming to avoid any potential conflicts.

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Does the trailer have restrooms?

Unfortunately, we do not have a built-in restroom and you MUST make restrooms available in your home for the children and the party hosts.

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How much does the the Party Carriage cost to rent?

The costs for the Party Carriage will vary based on the package you choose. Please see our pricing here.

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How do I book the Party Carriage?

You can book the Party Carriage for one of your parties here.

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What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Due to the demand of the trailer reservations are non-refundable. The only exception to our non-refundable policy is if the trailer is unable to make it to your party (e.g., road closure, or accident). In the extremely rare circumstance we cannot make it to the party, our hostess will bring all activities to your home and conduct the party inside the home with a 50% refund issued.

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What safety precautions and insurance are available?

The Party Carriage was designed specifically with the safety of your children in mind. All equipment has been tested and maintained to ensure the environment is safe. Further, there will be adult supervision of the children at all times. Additionally, the Party Carriage is fully insured for general liability through Nautilus Insurance Company.

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What happens if it rains?

As with any outdoor activities, rain or inclement weather is always a possibility.  In the event that weather makes use of the trailer not possible, we will provide you with two options:

Option 1: We will bring the party inside your home.

We bring the music, crafts, photo backdrop/props, and all other party equipment inside your home and hold the party inside your home.  We will setup and cleanup for you as well.

Option 2: 50% Refund

If you do not want to hold the party inside your home, you may cancel the party and we will provide you a 50% refund.  The 50% retention is due to the fact that we cannot quickly reschedule another party should decide to cancel.